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What is microlearning? Meet the elearning solution that packs a punch

It may sound strange, but the biggest impact you can have on upskilling your team can come from something completely micro. Microlearning is a leading elearning framework, offering a new way to help your team improve their workplace skills.

On the surface, microlearning is a way to teach using bite-sized chunks of information. Face-to-face learning needs a lot of time, but microlearning uses digital assets to make important content easy to digest and retain, in less time.

A deeper look at microlearning reveals that it’s an immensely effective and varied teaching method that maximises the time your team spends honing their skills. Because microlearning uses digital spaces for training, your team can access lessons whenever, wherever, and however they prefer.

The digital focus of microlearning means that lessons can be interactive, include fun videos and quizzes, generate immediate feedback, and prompt conversation between team members. So microlearning is ideal for workplace teaching and learning.

Read our white paper on microlearning

Our fully referenced and researched white paper will help you implement microlearning in your own workplace. From key principles to advice on overcoming concerns about microlearning, the paper has everything covered to get you up to speed on microlearning’s inner workings.

Read the white paper to find out:

  • why microlearning is so effective for time-poor professionals
  • why microlearning is more engaging than other learning methods
  • the six unique principles of microlearning
  • what happens when you introduce microlearning to your team (spoiler alert — great things happen!).

Download our microlearning white paper (PDF, 1,121KB)

And get in touch if you’d like to know more about Write Online, the microlearning solution by New Zealand’s leading specialists in clear communication.

Go ahead and unlock the key to the future of workplace education!

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